The Chemistry of Sake Brewing

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The Chemistry of Sake Brewing was written by R.W. Atkinson of the University of Tokyo in 1881. The book is an in-depth examination of sake, koji, and the entire process of sake brewing as it was conducted in the 19th century. The book includes numerous tables of sake analysis, and numerous illustrations of koji and bacterial infections in sake. When you print the files, you should get about 92 pages.

The book is currently available in three forms: browsable HTML, PostScript, and Adobe Acrobat (PDF). The PDF will be the most portable for most users, and the software needed to read the files is available, free of charge from Adobe's web site. Acrobat readers are available for Unix, Macintosh, and PCs. Many thanks to Paul Hausman for providing the Acrobat files. The PostScript is available as a compressed tar file (generally used by Unix systems) or as a ZIP archive (generally used by PCs). Many thanks to John DeCarlo for the ZIP file.

Other formats may be added as time allows.

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Mark Stevens,, 6/16/96