Liquid Yeast

BrewTek CL-10 American Microbrewery #1
A smooth, clean, strong fermenting ale yeast that works well down to 56F.The neutral character of this yeast makes it ideal for Cream Ales and other beers in which you want maintain a clean malt flavor.
BrewTek CL-20 American Microbrewery #2
Gives an accentuated, rich andcreamy malt profile with generous amounts of diacetyl. Use it in lower gravity beers where the malt character should not be missed or in Strong Ales for a robust character.
BrewTek CL-120 British Pale Ale #1
Produces a bold, citrusy character which accentuates mineral and hop flavors. The distinct character of this yeast makes it best suited for use in your classic British Pale Ales or Bitters.
BrewTek CL-130 British Pale Ale #2
A smooth, full flavored, well rounded ale yeast. Mildly estery, this yeast is a strong fermenter and highly recommended for strong or spiced ales. This yeast is well rounded and accentuates caramel and other malt nuances.
BrewTek CL-160 British Draft Ale
One of our (Brewtek's) favorite Ale yeasts, gives a full bodied, well rounded flavor with a touch of diacetyl. This yeast has a way of emphasizing malt character like no other yeast we've used. Highly recommended for Porters and Bitters.
BrewTek CL-170 Classic British Ale
Like CL-160, produces a beautiful draft bitter or Porter. This yeast leaves a complex ale with very British tones and fruit like esters, it also produces a classic Scottish Heavy and plays well in high gravity worts.
BrewTek CL-240 Irish Dry Stout
A top fermenting yeast which leaves a very recognizable, slightly woody character to Dry Stouts. Has a vinous, almost lactic character which blends exceptionally well with roasted malts. Highly attenuative and a true top fermenter.
BrewTek CL-260 Canadian Ale
A clean, strong fermenting and well attenuating ale yeast that leaves a pleasant, lightly fruity, complex finish. Well suited for light Canadian Ales as well as fuller flavored Porters and British styles such as Bitter and Pale Ale.
BrewTek CL-30 Belgian Ale #1
Produces a truly classic Belgian Ale flavor. Robust and estery with notes of clove and fruit. Recommended for general purpose Belgian ale brewing, it also ferments high gravity worts well. (Note: this in not Chimay!)
BrewTek CL-32 Belgian Ale #2
A Flanders style yeast. Makes a terrific strong brown and a good base brew for fruit flavored beers. This strong fermenting yeast attenuates well and produces a fruity, estery malt profile but is a little slow to flocculate.
BrewTek CL-340 Belgian Ale #3
Slightly more refined than our CL-300, this yeast also produces a classic Trappist character, with esters of spice and fruit. Mildly phenolic, this is a strong fermenting yeast, well suited to Trappist and other Belgian ales.
BrewTek CL-380 Saison
A pleasant yeast best used to recreate country French and Belgian Ales as well as Grand Cru styles. This yeast leaves a smooth, full character to the malt with mild yet pleasant esters and flavors reminiscent of apple pie spices.
BrewTek CL-40 Old German Ale
For traditional Alt Biers, a strong fermenter which leaves a smooth, attenuated, yet mild flavor. Use in your favorite German Ale recipes. Also makes a slightly dry but clean, quenching wheat beer.
BrewTek CL-450 Kolsch
- Produces mild sulphur during fermentation which smooths with time into a clean, well attenuated flavor. Mineral and malt characters come through well, with a clean, lightly yeasty flavor and aroma in the finish.
Wyeast 1007 German Ale Yeast
Ferments dry and crisp leaving a complex yet mild flavor. Produces an extremely rocky head and ferments well down to 55 deg. F (12 deg. C). Flocculation is high and apparent attenuation is 73-77%. Optimum fermentation temperature: 62 deg. F (17 deg. C). A good balance of sweetness and tartness. A very pleasing yeast.
Wyeast 1024 Belgian Ale Yeast
Banana estery flavor. With both clove-like phenolics and alcohol spice, the Belgian will tell you right away that it's no ordinary yeast. Tartness often develops over time. Ferment warm or with inadequate aeration and you're likely to get a bubblegum-like note. Intended for abbey beers, and works very well for that. And, depending on the wort composition, lots of banana notes.
Wyeast 1028 London Ale Yeast
Rich minerally profile, bold woody slight diacetyl production. Medium flocculation. Apparent attenuation 73-77%. Optimum fermentation temperature: 68 deg. F (20 deg. C). Complex, woody, tart, with strong mineral notes. It produces ales of marvelous complexity and sophistication. This yeast was used for the 1992 B.0.S.S. Challenge 1st place Barleywine, brewed by none other than Brian and Linda North.
Wyeast 1056 American/Chico Ale Yeast
Ferments dry, finishes soft, smooth and clean, and is very well balanced. Flocculation is low to medium. Apparent attenuation 73-77%. Optimum fermentation temperature: 68 deg. F (20 deg. C). The cleanest of the bunch, but mutation-prone. This is Sierra Nevada's yeast. Probably the best available all-around yeast, this strain can be used for anything, without embarrassment.
Wyeast 1084 Irish Ale Yeast
Slight residual diacetyl is great for stouts. It is clean smooth, soft and full bodied. Medium flocculation and apparent attenuation of 71-75%. Optimum fermentation temperature: 68 deg. F (20 deg. C). Soft, round, malty; the least attenuative of the Wyeast line. Very nice for any cold-weather ale, at its best in stouts and Scotch ales.
Wyeast 1098 British Ale Yeast
Ale yeast from Whitbread. Ferments dry and crisp, slightly tart and well balanced. Ferments well down to 55 deg. F (12 deg. C). Medium flocculation, apparent attenuation 73-75%. Optimum fermentation temperature: 70 deg. F (21 deg. C). Tart, crisp, clean. Great in pale ales and bitters, good in porters.
Wyeast 1338 European Ale Yeast
Ale yeast from Wissenschaftliche in Munich. A full bodied complex strain finishes very malty. Produces a dense rocky head during fermentation. High flocculation, apparent attenuation 67-71%. Optimum fermentation temperature: 70 deg. F (21 deg. C). It's clean and malty, especially well suited to Altbier.
Yeast Culture Kit A01
From California. Vendor's suggested uses (VSU): Barley Wine, Brown Ale, Pale Ale, India Pale Ale, Cream Ale, Porter, Stout.
Yeast Culture Kit A04
From Oregon. VSU: Dusseldorf Altbier, Kolsch.
Yeast Culture Kit A06
From Oregon. VSU: Porter, Stout, Imperial Stout.
Yeast Culture Kit A08
From Dorchester, England. VSU: Barley Wine (high residual sweetness).
Yeast Culture Kit A13
From Ireland. VSU: Porter, Stout, Imperial Stout.
Yeast Culture Kit A15
From England. VSU: Brown Ale, Pale Ale, India Pale Ale, Cream Ale, Bitters and Milds.
Yeast Culture Kit A16
From Belgium. VSU: Trappist Ales (Abbeys, Doubles, Tripples).
Yeast Culture Kit A17
From London, England. VSU: Brown Ale, Pale Ale, India Pale Ale, Cream Ale, Bitters and Milds.
Yeast Culture Kit A34
From Edinburgh, Scotland. VSU: Barley Wines, Scotch Ale, Scottish Bitters, Strong Ale.
Yeast Culture Kit A35
From cental Belgium. VSU: Belgian Whites.
Yeast Culture Kit A36
From Houffalize, Belgium. VSU: Belgian Ales.
Yeast Culture Kit A37
From Bavaria, Germany. VSU: Altbier, Kolsch.
Yeast Lab A01 Australian Ale Yeast
This all purpose strain produces a very complex woody and flavorful beer. Australian origin. Medium attenuation, medium flocculation. Great for Brown Ales and Porters.
Yeast Lab A02 American Ale Yeast
This clean strain produces a very fruity aroma, with soft and smooth flavor when fermented cool. Medium attenuation and low flocculation. This is an all purpose ale yeast.
Yeast Lab A03 London Ale Yeast
Classic Pale Ale strain, very dry. A powdery yeast with a hint of diacetyl and rich minerally profile, crisp and clean. Medium attenuation and medium flocculation.
Yeast Lab A04 British Ale Yeast
This strain produces a great light bodied ale, excellent for Pale Ales and Brown Ales, with a complex estery flavor. Ferments dry with a sharp finish. Medium attenuation and medium flocculation.
Yeast Lab A05 Irish Ale Yeast
This top fermenting strain is ideal for Stouts and Porters. Slightly acidic, with a hint of butterscotch in the finish, soft and full bodied. Medium attenuation, high flocculation.
Yeast Lab A06 Dusseldorf Ale Yeast
German Altbier yeast strain finishes with full body, complex flavor and spicy sweetness. Medium attenuation, high flocculation.
Yeast Lab A07 Canadian Ale Yeast
This strain produces a light bodied, clean and flavorful beer, very fruity when fermented cool. High attenuation, medium flocculation. Good for light and cream ales.
Yeast Lab A08 Trappist Ale Yeast
This is a typical Trappist strain, producing a malty flavor with a balance of fruity, phenolic overtones when fermented warm. Alcohol tolerant, high attenuation and high flocculation.