Liquid Lager Yeast

BrewTek CL-600 Original Pilsner
Leaves a full bodied Lager with a sweet, underattenuated finish and subdued diacetyl character. Use in classic Czechoslovakian Pilsners or any lager you want to emphasize a big, malty palate.
BrewTek CL-620 American Megabrewery
A smooth yeast with a slightly fruity character when fresh which lagers into a smooth clean tasting beer. Use for your lightest, cleanest Lagers or those in which you want an unobtrusive yeast character.
BrewTek CL-630 American Microbrewey Lager
A strong fermenter, leaving a clean, full flavored, malty finish. Slightly attenuative, this yeast is a very versatile for most lager styles. Use in all Lager styles you wish to have a clean full flavor.
BrewTek CL-640 Carlsbergenis
A Scandinavian Lager strain which leaves a full flavored, slightly sweet and malty profile.
BrewTek CL-660 N. German Lager
Exhibits a clean, crisp, traditional Lager character. A strong Fermenting and forgiving Lager yeast. This is an excellent yeast for general purpose Lager brewing. Use in German Pilsners, Mexican and Canadian Lagers.
BrewTek CL-680 East European Lager
Imparts a smooth, rich, almost creamy character, emphasizing a big malt flavor and clean finish. Our choice when brewing lagers in which the malt character should be full and smooth, as in Marzen\Oktoberfests.
BrewTek CL-690 California Esteem
Use to recreate "California common beers" leaves a slightly estery, well attenuated finish. The character of this yeast is quite distinct, try it in American or robust Porters for a new and unique flavor profile.
Wyeast 2007 Pilsen Lager Yeast
Our original Lager Yeast Strain. Specific for pilsner style beers. Ferments dry, crisp, clean and light. Medium flocculation. Apparent attenuation from 71-75%. Optimum fermentation temperature: 52 deg. F (11 deg. C). It is worth mentioning that this yeast strain is reportedly used quite a bit in St. Louis, if you know what I mean ;^).
Wyeast 2035 American Lager Yeast
Unlike American pilsner styles. It is bold, complex and woody. Produces slight diacetyl. Medium flocculation, apparent attenuation 73-77%. Optimum fermentation temperature: 50 deg. F (10 deg. C). This yeast allegedly is the one used by August Schell in New Ulm, MN.
Wyeast 2042 Danish Lager Yeast
Rich, yet crisp and dry. Soft, light profile which accentuates hop characteristics. Flocculation is low, apparent attenuation is 73-77%. Optimum fermentation temperature: 48 deg. F (9 deg. C).
Wyeast 2112 California Lager Yeast
Warm fermenting bottom cropping strain, ferments well to 62 deg. F (17 deg. C) while keeping lager characteristics. Malty profile, highly flocculant, clears brilliantly. Apparent attenuation 72-76%. Allegedly, the Anchor steam yeast.
Wyeast 2124 Bohemian Lager Yeast
Ferments clean and malty, rich residual maltiness in high gravity pilsners, medium flocculation, apparent attenuation 69-73%. Optimum fermentation temperature: 48 deg. F (9 deg. C). Allegedly, one of the four (?) Pilsner Urquell yeasts.
Wyeast 2206 Bavarian Lager Yeast
Lager yeast strain used by many German breweries. Rich flavor, full bodied, malty and clean. Medium flocculation, apparent attenuation 73-77%. Optimum fermentation temperature: 48 deg. F (9 deg. C).
Wyeast 2308 Munich Lager Yeast
Lager yeast from Wissenschaftliche in Munich #308. One of the first pure yeast available to American home brewers. Sometimes unstable, but smooth soft well rounded and full bodied. Medium flocculation, apparent attenuation 73-77%. Optimum fermentation temperature: 50 deg. F (10 deg. C). One report of an intense off aroma (like home perm solution) with this yeast fermented at 45-50F, but it miraculously disappeared after four months aging in the bottle at 40F.
Yeast Culture Kit L09
From Bavaria, Germany. VSU: American Dark Lager, American Lager, Bavarian Dark, Doppelbock, Dortmund/Export, Eisbock, German Bock, German Lagers, German Schwarzbier, Hellesbock, Munich Helles, Marzen/Octoberfest, Pilsner. (Must be some yeast! :-)
Yeast Culture Kit L17
From Pilsen, Czechoslovakia. VSU: American Lagers, Bohemian Pilsner.
Yeast Lab L31 Pilsner Lager Yeast
This classic strain produces a light lager in both flavor and body, fermenting dry and clean. High attenuation and medium flocculation.
Yeast Lab L32 Bavarian Lager Yeast
Use this classic strain for medium bodied lagers and bocks, as well as Vienna and Marzen styles, rich in flavor with a clean, malty sweetness. Medium attenuation and medium flocculation.
Yeast Lab L33 Munich Lager Yeast
Wissenschaftliche strain for medium bodied lagers and bocks, subtle and complex flavors, smooth and soft, a hint of sulfur when fresh. Medium attenuation and medium flocculation.
Yeast Lab L34 St. Louis Lager Yeast
This strain produces a round, very crisp and clean fruity flavor, with medium body. High attenuation and medium flocculation. Good for American style lagers.
Yeast Lab L35 California Lager Yeast
A California common beer strain, malty with a sweet woody flavor and subtle fruitiness. Medium attenuation and high flocculation.