Apple Wine

Source: Benjamin Rickle
Recipe added: 10/09/97

When using yeast in place of raisins the process goes much much faster. If you decide to use yeast instead of raisins I recommend using champane yeast.


Recipe type: Extract
Batch Size: 1
Starting Gravity: N/A
Finishing Gravity: N/A
Time in Boil: N/A
Primary Fermentation: 2 Months



1. Sterilize Jug, airlock, and stopper in boiling water 2. Add Juice, raisins, and sugar to jug 3. Insert Stopper 4. Screw Airlock into stopper and fill airlock halfway up with water. 5. Let ferment approximately 2 months or untill airlock stops bubbling. 6. Filter 7. Bottle in strong champane or beer bootles with strong corks or caps, add 1/2-1 teaspoons sugar to each bottle 8. Let ferment 2-3 weeks
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