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Apple Scrumpy, David Luckie, Other
Walk on the Wild Cider, David Luckie, Other
fast carbonated raspberry cider, Marc Gauthier, Extract
Apple Wine, Benjamin Rickle, Extract
Big Apple Hard Cider, Matt Voorhees, Extract
West Newton Sparkling Hard Cider, Mark Morrison, Other
Burn-in Cider, Nate Poell, Other
Hellix Mix, Dr.Techno, Extract
Wampum Blueberry Cider, Nate Poell, Other
Bells Chime, Nate Poell, Other
Winking Satyr Apple Jack, Nate Poell, Other
Apple Cherry Cider By Bob, Robert Townsend, Other
Sneaky Cider, Morgan, Extract
"Impulse" Fall Cider, Robert the Bruce , Other
SSS Cyder, Sean, Other
Cooks Lake Laurentian Cider, Scotch Road Breweries (Dave Cameron, Brewmaster), Other
Mighty Smitey Cider, Smite Swift, Other

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