Winking Satyr Apple Jack

Source: Nate Poell
Recipe added: 07/29/99
Email: Nate Poell
URL: Nate Poell

Everything in the jug except the alcohol and some essential cider freezes. This makes an extremely potent and rudimentary distillation similar to apple brandy. You absolutely MUST let this sit for at least a few months prior to consumption. This is a special drink for special occasions. One gallon of wine-ish cider will only make ONE 22 oz. bottle of apple jack, so use it wisely (like at a bachelor party). Serve well chilled in a brandy snifter (or plastic cups like my friends do). Let me know if you try it.


Recipe type: Other
Batch Size: not much
Starting Gravity: N/A
Finishing Gravity: N/A
Time in Boil: N/A
Primary Fermentation: N/A
Secondary Fermentation: 2-3 weeks
Additional Fermentation: 2-3 days in deep freeze



Follow the same directions as in the Burn-in Cider recipe, but after primary fermentation, siphon the cider into separate one-gallon glass apple juice jugs. Let the cider proceed with its secondary fermentation for a few weeks. then siphon each individual gallon into a plastic one-gallon jug and set them in a deep freeze (I have a small freezer and was only able to do one gallon at a time). After one day, tip the jug upside down in the freezer (with the cap on). Remove the jug a couple days later, give it a couple of good smacks on the side, remove the cap and set it upside down on a funnel leading into a 22-24 oz. bottle. You might have to finagle with it a little; sometimes the ice jams up the flow. let the bottle fill (be patient!) and cap it. (I then like to set the jug on a brandy snifter and fill it about 1/4 full. Damn but it's strong!)
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