Sex In A Bottle Coffee Stout

Source: Moses Fridman
Recipe added: 01/15/97

The result is a black, sweet, strong, CAFFIENATED beer!


Recipe type: Extract
Batch Size: 5 gallons
Starting Gravity: ?
Finishing Gravity: ??
Time in Boil: 30 min.
Primary Fermentation: 3 days
Secondary Fermentation: 3 weeks
Additional Fermentation: the longer the better!



As you can tell, this is a very "relaxed" recipe; that is, I didn't bother with hydrometer measurements, I just experimented with what I thought would taste good. So, boil extract and powdered malt for about 30 minutes. Add hops to boil as per your prefence; I used the hops mainly for aroma, so I boiled them late in the boil, for just a few minutes. Meanwhile, make one or two pots of your favorite coffee; I used a "Columbian Blend" gourmet style coffee. I have also done this with Maxwell House, and the results were also good. Two pots, in my experience, gives an obvious coffee flavor to the beer, but not overwhelming; one pot will make it more subtle. My pot holds ten cups. After you are done with the boiling, add the coffee and the wort to the primary, pitch when cool. I fermented in the secondary until I couldn't see any airlock activity. I started drinking it after three weeks in the bottle, and it was nearly finished. Like all rich stouts, the longer the aging time the better. Just remember to be a little conservative on priming, because this will be a slow beer, and will be likely to over-carbonate.
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