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(Irish)Republican Stout, Skip Halpin, All Grain
Scott's Super Simple Stout, Scott Dexter, Extract
Sex In A Bottle Coffee Stout, Moses Fridman, Extract
Muthors Stout, Mark Lucia, All Grain
Homie's McGuinness Stout, Mark Freeman, All Grain
Murphy's Irish Brother John's Stout, John Holder, Paranet Inc., Partial Mash
Black Knight Stout, Steve Wolf, Extract
Homie's McMurphy Stout, Mark Freeman, All Grain
Sinister Stout, Dan Clapp, Extract
Steve's Summer Stout, Steve C, Extract
Bauneg Beg Stout, Stephen Johnson, Partial Mash
Gregory Harts public house Irish stout ale, Gregory Hart, Extract
Brian's Bitchin' Brew, Flyin' Brian, Extract
"Would?" RWCG Black Cherry Slapshot Stout, Bill Webber, Partial Mash
Androscoggin Mud Stout , Paul R. Blais, Extract
Deckhead Stout, Jason Henning, All Grain
Dubliner Irish Stout, Kelly Beckham, Extract
Irish Eyes Dubliner Stuout, Kelly Beckham, All Grain
Chocolate Dun Stout (A Flyfishermans Dream), Limestone Brewing Company, Burnham Pa, Extract
Chocolate Dun Stout (A Flyfishermans Dream), Limestone Brewing Company, Burnham Pa, Extract
Payne's Irish Stout, Cody Payne, Partial Mash
Healey Pass Irish Stout, Cliff Brown, All Grain
Seattle Stout, Crash Martin, Partial Mash
Coffee Stout, Tod Billings, Extract
SouthWind Stout, Tim Neall, All Grain
SouthWind Stout II, Tim Neall, All Grain
Balcony Black, Mike Leslie, All Grain
Pub Draught Guinness Clone, Devin Reuther, All Grain
Bad Bob's Twist n' Stout, Bob Tisdale, Partial Mash
Twice Bitten Miners Stout, Todd Fanton, Extract
Red Look Double Dark Stout, Dave Blaine, Partial Mash
Logie Trail Java Stout, Nick Perera, Extract
Sumatran Kraut Stout, David Komornik, Extract
Wit by Bob, Robert Townsend, All Grain
Common Thread Guiness Clone, Dick Coyner, Partial Mash
Murphy's Clone Attempt No. 1, Tom Meier, All Grain
Red Head Irish Stout, Joe Hankinson, Partial Mash

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