Texas Rick's "Strange Brew" Two Row Nut Brown Ale

Source: Strange Brewer aka "Texas Rick" Olivo
Recipe added: 02/01/98
Email: ashpress@win.brightnet

A game with Maillard reactions, this recipie produces a malty, malty brew, astonishing, because it starts out with only 2 row and a bit of crystal. For further info, I invite you to read Maillard Reactions 101 and 102 by Charlie Scandrett on the Brewery Library. Enjoy! Strange Brewer Vitae sine Cervesiae Sugat!!! (Life without beer SUCKS!!!) ashpress@win.bright.net


Recipe type: All Grain
Batch Size: 5
Starting Gravity: 1.075
Finishing Gravity: 1.016
Time in Boil: 60 minutes
Primary Fermentation: 7 days
Secondary Fermentation: 21
Additional Fermentation: Cold conditioned in keg 21 days



Take 5 pounds 2 row spread in an even 1 1/2 inch layer on cookie pans and roast for approximately 15 minutes in a 250 degree oven with the door slightly open to drive off water then increase heat to 350 degrees and close door. Roast, turning frequently for about 45 minutes or until grain is converted to amber malt. This will take place abruptly and can be identified when the color of the grain changes to a deep yellowish, rich amber hue. You must keep a sharp eye on this as it happens in a hurry. It smells really great at this point. Cool grain and thoroghly mix with remainder of grain (including crystal). Single infusion mash at 154 degrees for 60 minutes. No protein rest in order to preserve malty character. drain off aprox 2 gallons of first runnings and boil seperately. Sparge as usual to produce 5 gallons of liquid (not counting the two gallons you have already removed and are now boiling.) A note on the boil of the first runnings: You must insure that the boil is constantly stirred to prevent the production of a carbonized cement layer on the bottom of the boiling pan. placing a handful of stainless steel ball bearings in the bottom of the pan will help insure that a boundry layer does not form, thus leading to the burnt crud in the bottom of the pan. This stuff will lead to nasty burnt flavors in the final beer. You are warned. Boil the frst runnings until the second (caramelization) hot break. This is more subtle than the first hot break, but similar in nature. It begns to foam up; but more weakly. Add the syrup to the rest of the boil. Brew as usual, one hour. Add N. Brewer at begining of boil, Perle at mid point and Cascades at the 15 minute remaining point along with the Irish moss. Cool and pitch with 1056 yeast. Seven day Primary @ 68-70 degrees, Secondary at celler temp for 21 days, keg or bottle as per usual.
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