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Ales: Brown and Mild Ale: American Brown

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Tall Brunette Brown Ale, David Luckie, Extract
Contest winning Brown Ale, Chris King, All Grain
42 brown ale, Brian Newton, All Grain
80 Love, Richard Daines, Partial Mash
Roasted Nut & Honey, Lou Currier, Extract
Yulefest Ale, Tim Schaid, Extract
B.M. Brown, Byron L. Morton, All Grain
Old Reliable, Dave Fougeron, Extract
1st Meeting Chocolate Ale, jonathan edwards, Partial Mash
P.R.'s Sandcastle Ale, Paul R. Blais, Extract
Texas Rick's "Strange Brew" Two Row Nut Brown Ale, Strange Brewer aka "Texas Rick" Olivo, All Grain
Pete's Big Brownie, Pete Krone, Extract
"My Donnas Brown Eyes" Brown Ale, Maury LaPrade, All Grain
Gritty's Clone, Tim Neall, Extract
Half-Assed-Brown, Dale Hatch, Other
Hazelnut Brown Ale, Tod Billings, Extract
Old Brown Trouser, Brandon Denins, Extract
Goatshead Brown Ale, Don Laegel jr., Extract
Black's Nut Brown Ale (close to Samuel Smiths Nut Brown), Chris Black, Extract
Summer Slammer, Chris Black, Partial Mash
Barney Bad Ass, Scott Bershing, Extract
Reggie's Red Devil Dog Ale, Shawn Mann, All Grain
India Red Ale, David Brieva, Partial Mash
Colonial Brown Ale, Deek, Extract
Dirtybyrds'brown ale, shane byrd, Extract
Bob's Browneye Ale, Bob T, All Grain

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