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Source: dan raphael
Recipe added: 06/20/99
Email: raphael@aracnet.com

Took some extra trouble, but solved the exploding foam problem of previous batches, & produced a very fine barleywine. at 3 months old has a rich hop & barely aroma, strong hop bitterness (not sweet), good clear color, and estery 'warming characteristics." I drink what barleywines ar around here in Oregon, and this stacks up with the best.


Recipe type: Extract
Batch Size: 6 gal
Starting Gravity: .094
Finishing Gravity: .017
Time in Boil: 1 hr
Primary Fermentation: 3 weeks
Secondary Fermentation: 1 month
Additional Fermentation: 2-3 weeks



crack, steep & strain specialty grains. get everything boiling. After 50 minutes add cascade. ten minutes later add columbus. after 5 more minutes sparge into carboy with coldwater & 1 oz cascades. after 3 weeks siphon into new carboy; strain hops out of yeast dregs, add dregs to 2 cups water boiled with 1/4 cups malt powder, & add this to wort about 24 hours later. 3-4 weeks later (once fermentations stopped) siphon into carboy with 1/2 cup corn sugar boile din a pint of water. 3 weeks later bottle.
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