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E Beer, dan raphael, Extract
Aussie's Barley Whine, A Shapiro, Extract
Belly Up Barleywine, Mark Stevens, All Grain
Old Sugarfoot, Kelly Beckham, Extract
Portside Barleywine, D. T. Cheek, All Grain
Old Jack Barley Wine, John L. Gehringer, Extract
Class V Ale, Mark Stenger, Extract
Big Red Barley Wine, Tim Neall, Extract
Olde Stumpph*er, dan raphael, Extract
Grendel's Tail, Nate Poell, Extract
Mistry Bru, Nate Poell, Extract
Olde Stumpph*er (replace previous), dan raphael, Extract
Smooth Seductress, Aaron Corday, Partial Mash
Deep Impact, Ray Sykes, Partial Mash
Stock's "Big Cock" Barley Wine Ale, Jason Stock, Partial Mash
Foghorn Leghorn (I'm gonna get me a chicken), Jonathan Sutter, Partial Mash
Bear's Breath Barleywine, Joshua Dibble, All Grain
Brewtal, John, Partial Mash

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