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Wee Heavy Molasses Ale, Scott Cost, All Grain
Clan Cameron 120d, John Lemke, All Grain
Strong & Dark Scott, Shane Thibodeau, Extract
Payne's Scotch Ale, Cody Payne, Partial Mash
Narness the Crazy, Russell Sherry, All Grain
Tennessee Highlander Ale, Ricky Sheaves, Partial Mash
McSpears' Scotch Ale, Steve Spears, All Grain
Peek Under Yer Kilt - Highland Ale, Lance Cooley, Partial Mash
Flexographic 120/- Wee Heavy, John Viggiano & Jon Sam, Extract
Willy Warmer Wee Heavy (140-Shilling Scotch Ale), Brian Dixon, Partial Mash
McAlan's Extra Strong Scottish Ale, Alan Mishell, All Grain
Jacobite Ale Clone, Jason Stock, Partial Mash
Brainsmasher, Sam Sorensen, Extract

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