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Pale Moonlight Ale, Brander "badger" Roullett, Partial Mash
Pale Ale, Russell Sherry, All Grain
Whale Pale Ale, Douglass Blair, All Grain
Evanston on Trent Pale Ale, Don Kucera & Chris Thomas, All Grain
Hampton English Pale, Brian Casey, All Grain
NORTONVILLE ENGLISH PALE, John Hendrickson, All Grain
DTM Christmas Ale, Tim Neall, Extract
Lesh Ale, ShakeDown Street Brewery (aka jonathan edwards), All Grain
"Burton Style" Pale Ale, Greg Henley, Extract
Killains Red, Robert Grundler, All Grain
Gotta boil that hen !!!, Jonathan Sutter, Partial Mash
Bronzeback Ale, Scott Bershing, Extract
Pocono Mountain Pale Ale, David Campbell, Extract
Frank's Black Label Bitter, Brian Connors, Extract
Last Minute Pale Ale, Bill Hughes, Extract
Northern Star Pale, Chris Schiffer, All Grain
Redcoat Pale Ale, Tim Neall, All Grain
Black Dane Pale Ale, Robert Lanctot, All Grain
Session Pale, Mark Bauer, All Grain
Feather Light, Dave Bond, All Grain

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