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buzzards gonad condensate, chris mcatee, All Grain
Lightning Creek Columbus IPA, Guy Gregory, All Grain
Liberty ALE IPA, Chris King, All Grain
Number 30, Patrick McCracken and David Morgan, All Grain
Ruby Red IPA, Lou Flum, Extract
American IPA, Mark Rancourt, All Grain
Pale Summer I.P.A., Collin Parker, All Grain
RIVER RAISIN IPA, Seniorbrewer, All Grain
Oop's IPA, Darren Gaylor, All Grain
Steve's awesome 1056 (Chico)IPA, Steve C, Extract
East India Pale Ale, David White, Extract
IPA, Russell Sherry, All Grain
IPA Lot, Hugh Graham, All Grain
Secret Semadhi IPA, Devin Reuther, All Grain
Mad Max Light IPA, Tim Neall, Extract
"Would?" Into the Flood Again IPA, Bill Webber, Partial Mash
Dirty Old Man IPA, Chris Olsen, Extract
Yiptopia IPA, Darcy Cates, Extract
Conan Brau, Brett McQuade, Partial Mash
Eclectic Pale Ale (EPA), Warren White, Partial Mash
Corman XIPA, Mike Williams, Extract
Ballantine IPA Clone, Tim Neall, All Grain
Al's Ill Pizat Ale, Alex Pamatat, Extract
Rat City IPA, Kevin Fawcett, All Grain
Caramel I.P.A., Steve Keeley, All Grain
"Twiggy" Ale, Marcus Taylor, Partial Mash
Wild Kyle's IPA, Kevin Kanoza, All Grain
IPA, Mike Cance, All Grain
Halfwit IPA, Matthew Jolly, Extract
Old Vicki Special Export IPA, Brian Connors, Extract
Nantucket Sleighride IPA, Brian Connors, Extract
Death By Hops IPA, Steve Eldredge, All Grain
Bown Cat - IPA, Mike Schnell, All Grain
Itsa Pail Ale, Scott Bershing, Extract
East St. Paul Ale, Chris Schiffer, All Grain
Bombs Away IPA, Dave Frombach, Extract
Big Wave Dave's IPA, Dave Frombach, Extract
I.P.American, Mike Buchanan, Extract
Lawrence of India Pale Ale, Larry Lawrence, Extract
QuasIPA, Marc Rehfuss, Extract
Liberty Bay IPA, Dave Frombach, Partial Mash
East India Dark Ale (IDA), N/S Brewers, Partial Mash
First Brew IPA, Mark, Extract
4-Malt IPA, D. Burke, Partial Mash
Shore Ale, Sean DeCataldo, Extract
Broken Tusk IPA, dan raphael, Extract
Everest I.P.A, Stefan Berggren, Extract
Punch you in the IPA, Rob Hudson, Partial Mash
Flaming Liberal IPA, Bearded Dave, Partial Mash
OIBC India Pale Ale, Brian, All Grain
O.P.A., Wade Griffith, All Grain
Dragonfly Clone, Mark Bauer, All Grain
Elizabeth II, Stewart Cranston, All Grain
Beach Lake Extreme IPA, Michael Miller, Extract
Old Nasty IPA, Charlie Simpson, All Grain
Hoppily Ever After "A Lightly Toasted IPA", BrewChef Norman, Partial Mash

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